“That’s Not Cool”

The Ad Council came up with this online puppet show about “cyber-pressure” that’s really engaging.  Kids bullying each other via cell phones and social networking sites is a real problem, and I’m glad to have a tool like this that I can share with my rising 7th grader.

Instructify’s Bill Ferris wrote about a TED talk by Malcom Gladwell on the subject of Differentiated Instruction-where Gladwell compared students to different kinds of foods, mainly to get the point across that  since students come in varieties, (like “Basic”, “Spicy” and “Extra Crunchy”), they shouldn’t all be instructed exactly the same way (as if they were all just “Food”). Ferris seems to think that DI makes extra work for teachers but I disagree, and wrote him to say why.

Mondays with Merce are webisodes that are not to be missed-Merce is teaching.  And at age 90 that can’t go on much longer!  If you’re a Dance History buff, modern dancer, a choreographer, or a lover of modern art and/or the avant garde–or just someone who stands in awe of a 90 year old genius, who helped develop the computer technology that makes it possible for him to continue to choreograph today-you need to check out Merce’s website

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