Today I’m Teaching My Kid About Blogging and Zemanta (!)

covetousnessImage by harold.lloyd (won’t somebody think of the bokeh?)

would have put up one of my daughter’s pics here but she doesn’t have any in Zemanta yet (that we know of)!  The pic in my blog heading is from a photo she took of my students rehearsing onstage May ’09.

Here’s the photo attribution for my blog heading:

Jenna Duffy (All Rights Reserved)! See more of her photos on Facebook.

Ok-it’s official-I’m a Geek-Zemanta put on a link to THIS blog of MINE-and I’m teaching my computer-saavy young adult daughter how to do something on the computer instead of the other way around!

My daughter is an incredible photographer but today I showed her edublogs and now I’m demonstrating how Zemanta works.  So I’m going to talk here about photography for a second and web design and webtools just so I can see what Zemanta comes up with.  She doesn’t think she has enough time to investigate web 2.0 tools or blogs, much less time for actual blogging but I’m hoping we’ll find some quick link to fashion photography or Apple or iMac articles that she might like to use for her photography projects and share with friends- just so she can see how edublogs works with Zemanta.

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4 thoughts on “Today I’m Teaching My Kid About Blogging and Zemanta (!)

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    • I have an academic attitude because I’m a teacher, and also a professional choreographer whose work has been copied by others-many times without giving me any credit whatsoever, or the wrong type of credit. I’ve seen other choreographers work treated the exact same way, by teachers of elementary, middle and high school dance students in private and public schools, who, as dance educators, should know better! (I’m not sure I understand your comment completely; I’m afraid it reads in English like a poor translation from another language).

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