New “Links” to What Works, 9/25/09

Links to “What Works” for Dance Teachers and Others-links that help Bloggers, Small Business Developers, Dance Educators, Science Teachers, and Parents and Teachers of Gifted Students:

Best Blogging Tips from a real expert!

Explaining Neuroscience Graduate student Alexis Webb partners with fellow neuroscience students to create a program that aids neuroscientists in communicating with the public.

Wiggio: the best (free) way to work in groups.  This looks like a super tool for easy and efficient collaboration.  If you try it, let me know what you think!

Gifted?: Professional Development Online- Individual assessment of children and adolescents (webinar)

Five Minds for the Future: easy professional development -this is  one of many interesting and timely online lectures from The Forum.

From Nothing to SomethingSeth Sternberg‘s article helpful to people starting their own businesses in

Dance Lesson Plans- for those days when you need a new idea!

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